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The Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences major is an interdisciplinary major designed for students who have specific interests that cannot be accommodated within any one of the departments in the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences and who wish to construct a coherent program of their own. The Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences major is
not intended for students whose interests are undecided; students proposing a Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences major must propose a specifically focused interdisciplinary topic or a two-field area. Such students must have a faculty advisor who is a member of the UCR Academic Senate.

The Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences major is fulfilled by a course of studies determined in consultation with an advisor and with the full approval of the chair and three members of the committee overseeing the major. The student may construct either an interdisciplinary option or a two-field option for the major as described below.

Students who wish to select a Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences major must fill out a form and submit a carefully
worded statement of purpose showing meaningful course interrelations. The Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences InterdisciplinaryCommittee considers each proposal in the context of the student’s topic and statement of purpose.

Students whose proposals are being approved should petition for a change in major only after they have been informed of the committee’s approval of their interdisciplinary program. Every subsequent change in the student’s initial program must be approved by the advisor; a record of the program and of program changes is kept in the student’s files.

Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences courses are supervised by the committee and are open to major as well as nonmajor students. Interdisciplinary Option The interdisciplinary option is built around a central concept in humanities and social sciences. The concept might be a specific culture, country or ethnic group such as Italian civilization and culture;
an age or period such as the Renaissance or the industrial revolution; a great social issue or human problem such as war, revolution, communication; or any other topic which receives significant attention from several disciplines.

Two-Field Option
In special circumstances the committee sponsors a two-field option for the major designed to allow students to combine studies in two disciplines. Such majors are approved only if they cannot be accommodated within a dual major or within the Liberal Studies Program.

Related Programs
Participation in the Education Abroad Program (EAP) is strongly recommended for Liberal Studies majors. Students interested in careers in language teaching are particularly urged to live and study in a country where their chosen language is spoken. EAP is an excellent opportunity to learn more about another country and its culture while taking courses which earn credit toward graduation. In addition to yearlong programs, a wide range of shorter options are also available. While on EAP, students are still eligible for financial assistance. Students are advised to plan to study abroad well in advance so as to ensure that the courses taken fit with their overall program back at UCR. Students are encouraged to participate in the EAP. Appropriate course work taken abroad may count toward major requirements. For further detail see the University of California's EAP website  or contact UCR's International Services Center at (951) 827-4113. 

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